Find your own unique diet & lifestyle balance to reach your best wellbeing.  

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Hi! I'm Kly, NASM - CNC

Hi, I'm Kly Huang. A NASM certificate nutrition coach and an advocate of women's health. 

I believe everyone has their own unique diet and lifestyle balance. My purpose is to support you reach your goal with a healthy body and a happy soul. 

In my session, you will learn the science of nutrition, how to deploy food strategies as well as mindful living practice following by your own biological clock and lifestyle. 

My approach is personal and flexible, I'll navigate through everything you need so that you can sustain the result by yourself - feel empowered, restored, and better balanced. 


My Happy Clients

Tina, Taipei
Pastry Chef

''This is my first experience of hiring a nutritionist. The most impressive part is how Kly personalises what I should do on my diet and daily exercises. The recipes she provided during my diet and when I injured my knee, really helped me to reach my goals and recover faster than I used to. The cooperation is still ongoing and I am looking forward to having more improvement in the future!''

Ha, Rotterdam

''Kly helped me very well getting along during my burn out. She took a lot of effort to get to know me and came with a personal solution, that really worked out for me. She not only gave me an adjusted plan but she also provided the right information why it would work. We also worked in a very easy app to discuss the progress and she is always reachable to respond if you need any help!''

Feel empowered, restored, and better balanced. 

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