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Hi, I'm Kly and I'm so grateful that you're here sharing your time and energy getting to know about me and BBB Nutrition. 

 As a NASM certificate nutrition coach and an advocate for women's health, I'm proud to create BBB Nutrition that will help women reach their best diet and life balance. 

I believe there is no one-fit-for-all program because we are all different, therefore, all of my programs are uniquely designed to serve each individual - using science-based nutrition and natural methods to achieve the best version of ourselves. 

"It's not all about weight loss - it's about building up your own unique healthy lifestyle.

You can always go exercise to keep fit and lose a kilo but you cannot exercise your hormones or health. Listen to your biological clock and choose the right food and exercise to nourish yourself".
Why I Created BBB Nutrition

I was in a calorie-restricted diet at a young age where I ate only 800 calories a day. As a result, I lost my period and had difficulty concentrating - I therefore felt guilty when I was eating and depressed when I was not eating. I was suffering from the yo-yo dieting effect, binge eating, and poor body image. 

Eventually, I achieved the weight I wanted. I had to exercise 5 days a week and completely sacrifice my social life. But I still felt horrible because I was still not as skinny as those women on social media. I had acne problems, my hands and feet were cold all the time, I also had mood swings and a very irregular menstrual cycle. 


When I was reaching my 30s I was still on a calorie count, which meant I could have an apple for the whole day, some nuts and red wine at night because I thought it was just a numbers game. Indeed, I never actually gained weight. But... my other problems continued to develop - extreme mood swings, dry and itchy skin, tiredness and PMS. I thought that was just my ageing process. 

I therefore continued to ignore all of the above problems and it wasn't until my period lasted for almost one and a half months and the doctor couldn't tell me what's wrong with me that I knew I had a big issue. I went to a registered dietitian who discovered my body fat percentage was through the roof, my diet pattern was poor, and the relationship I had with food was even worse.

I decided to make a change. 

I used myself as a test subject and started to learn about nutrition, women's health, and hormones. Gradually, all my problems went away. I started to realise that having a healthy lifestyle and eating pattern is far more beneficial than keeping my figure in shape.

It's a very powerful feeling when you know what's happening in your body and how to control it. By navigating myself through all those problems, I now want to help other women achieve that too.

We are a good match if you're finding yourself...

Currently jumping from diet to diet, experiencing hormone imbalance, difficulty in losing/gaining weight in a healthy way, or simply not sure how to optimise your food choice/pattern to support your activity level.  

You are not alone.

My consultation will provide you structured guidance, 
in a way of eating and living that’s perfect for your unique needs.

More questions? Simply book a discovery call and see how can I help you!