Frequently asked questions

Which 'Care Plan' is for me?

As a new client, I will first invite you to book a discovery call with me to discuss your needs. After evaluating your goals, condition, ability, timeline, etc - I will then advise you which 'Care Plan' is best suited to you.

What is the process after I book my 'Care Plan'?

Once you have your Care Plan in place, you will receive self-assessments via email.

After you've finished your self-assessment, I will start to create your custom plan and your client portal. You will then receive an invitation with access to your online custom plan. Once this is set up, we will start to initiate the first private session.

During and before the last follow-up session ends, you will have my full support through messaging and weekly check-ins (optional).

The last follow-up session will be arranged according to your timeline and goals. After your last follow-up session ends - the 'Care Plan' is considered ended. If you wish to have extended help on your custom plan - please book an one-time session.

How do I reschedule the session?

You can call or email me 2 hours before the session starts to reschedule.
Please note that the session cannot be canceled/rescheduled within 2 hours of the start.

How do I cancel the full 'Care Plan'? Do I get a refund?

Once the client protal is created, it is not possible to cancel the 'Care Plan' nor be refunded.

If you wish to receive your full refund, please send out your cancellation request to hello@bbbnutrition.com before you send back any self-assessment forms so that no client portal will be created. To understand the process, please check the FAQ 'What is the process after I book my Care Plan?' above.

What if my condition is considered not suitable for the service after I started my plan?

During the initial self-assessment - you are obligated to fill in your medical conditions and current status. BBB Nutrition will not provide service to clients age under 18, currently pregnant, having chronic disease or mental illness - we strongly advise you to seek professional medical advice.

Once your client portal is created and the plan is underway but your condition is no longer suitable for the service, we will give you a 50% refund and advise you to seek professional medical advice.

Please also check the FAQ 'What is the process after I book my Care Plan?'.

How do I cancel/reschedule the one-time session? Do I get a refund?

You can reschedule your one-time session by email to hello@bbbnutrition at least 2 hours before the session starts.
Please note that no refund will be provided for the one-time session and you cannot reschedule the scheduled session within 2 hours of the start.

How much time does it take to finish each 'Care Plan'?

This depends on your goals, condition, ability, and timeline. Generally for people that require less than 3 months to achieve their goals, my Standard Care would be sufficient. For people that need extra support and longer than 3 months to achieve their goals - my Plus Care will have you covered!

Please book a discovery call if you're a new client to understand more.

I follow a specific diet, like vegan or gluten-free, will I be able to use your plan?

Yes, all my plans are created to every individual's unique diet and life balance.

Is there a meal-plan I can follow?

No - there will be no specific meal plan to follow.

During our sessions, we will discuss your lifestyle and goals, the food groups you can/cannot eat, how much to eat, and how to eat it etc. This will give you the freedom to learn about yourself and food in order to create a sustainable result in life.

Will my personal insurance cover the fees?

No - BBB NUTRITION is a private service. Your personal insurence will not cover the fees.